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We can offer you reliably all services concerning Type Approval in Thailand (Bangkok). Our distinguished contact with the authority in Thailand (Bangkok),our good relationship to The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC),The Government Public Relations Department, as well as the qualification in the homologation of consumer and automotive RF-products and Short Range Devices (SRD) in ISM-Frequency band will create your market access in Thailand trouble-free and cost-effective.

We will assist you to put your product successfully on the market by offering the following services:

  • Identify applicable requirements for your specific product or technology feature to comply with current regulations in safety, EMC, wireless, etc.
  • Provide pre-compliance testing during the design and development phase to determine compliance
  • Assist in completion of applications and other required forms
  • Test in our accredited labs or your qualified facilities to issue CB Test Report and Certificate with applicable national differences and other test reports for wireless, etc.
  • Handle entire submittal process including working with local testing and certification organizations
  • Arrange for initial factory inspections that are required before certification issuance
  • Coordinate verification testing on qualified products as needed
  • Facilitate and expedite project progress with support of IB-Lenhardt AG local team and/or partner
  • Support renewal maintenance of certificates as needed
  • User manual translation service when needed

For Thailand we can offer you a short termed tentative offer based upon a submitted Datasheet of the device:

GEO / MAP of Thailand

General information about Thailand

Formal Name


Southeast Asia

Degree of latitude

Degree of longitude


Country code
+ 66

Top-level domain

Thai (Siamese),Chinese, English

Size (in km²)
514,000.0 km²

Population (as of 2011)
69518555 Einwohner

Date of joining the UN

Country code according to ISO 3166-2

Country code according to ISO 3166-3

Certificate Example for Thailand

Example Radio Type Approval Certificate for Thailand
Download Certificate

Mandatory / Voluntary

Authority / Regulatory Body
The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)

Validity Period of Certification

Local Representative Required?

In-Country Testing Required?

Average lead time for radio type approval
8 weeks

Label Example for Thailand

Example Radio Type Approval Label for Thailand
Download Label

Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required?


Specific User Manual Requirements?

Example Radio Type Approval Label for Thailand
Download Label

Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required?


Specific User Manual Requirements?

Example Radio Type Approval Label for Thailand
Download Label

Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required?


Specific User Manual Requirements?

Example Radio Type Approval Label for Thailand
Download Label

Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required?


Specific User Manual Requirements?

News for Thailand

  • Reminder for obligatory marking in Thailand

    Dear Customers,

    IB-Lenhardt AG would like to remind all radio communication equipment providers to comply with Marking regarding Regulation for selling radio communication equipment as per radio communication act B.E.2498.


    Label shall be printed on user manual, shown on packaging, or provided as additional sheet put inside packaging. Label size should be 5x5cm.

    For unlicensed products:

    (Translation of label content: This radiocommunication equipment is exempted to possess license, user license, or radiocommunication station license as per NBTC notification regarding radiocommunication equipment and radiocommunication station according to radio communication act B.E.2498)

    For licensed products:

    (Translation of content: whoever possesses or uses this radiocommunication equipment or set up radiocommunication station shall receive license from a license officer. In case of violation of section 6 or 11, penalties as per section 23 of Radiocommunication Act B.E. 2498 which include fine penalty not over 100,000 Baht or imprisonment not over 5 years, or both, may be imposed.

    This marking requirment covers any product shipped to Thailand, even with Certificates/SCoC issued earlier than March 2019.

    For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team, we will happily support our customers on this matter 



    Notification of NBTC Subject: Regulation for selling radio communication equipment as per radio communication act B.E.2498

  • Standard and Notification for 2.4 GHz/5 GHz

    NBTC - The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand released standard NBTC TS 1035-2562 for Radiocommunication equipment using frequency 2.4 GHz and/or 5 GHz and NBTC Notification on the use of Short-Range Devices in the band 5GHz.

    The standard replaces existing standard NTC TS 1012-2551 (Radio Local Area Network - RLAN).

    Main changes:

    1. New standard NBTC TS 1035-2562 specify version of EN test standard (e.g. EN 300 328 V2.1.1, EN 301 893 V2.1.1., EN 302 502 V2.1.1, ETSI TS 136104/ETSI TS 136101) v13.2.0. 

    2. Frequency of 5.725-5.850GHz:
    2.1 Allows additional standard EN 302 502 for this frequency band (previously this test standard was not allowed).
    2.2 Standard EN 300 440 is not accepted under this standard. Previous version of standard also do not have EN 300 440 but NBTC temporary accepted EN 300 440 test report in the past. Now NBTC does not accept EN 300 440. thus, for this band 5.725-5.850GHz, EN 302 502, FCC 15.247 or FCC 15.407. shall be provided.
    2.3 Allows additional technology of LTE under private network or LTE under IMT. This is the same bands with LTE band 46 which has been opened previously. NBTC includes both technologies into this new standard.

    3. Electrical safety requirements
    Allows additional standard IEC 62368-1 (previously this standard only accepted TIS1561-2556 or IEC 60950-1). This is as same as previously announced NBTC TS 4001-2561 Electrical Safety which allowed IEC62368-1 on March 14, 2019. NBTC updated this test standard.

    Source: local parter

  • VHF/UHF Technical Standards

    Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) issued two VHF/UHF Technical Standards which became effective on April 3rd, 2019: 

    • NBTC TS 1024-2561 for Radiocommunication Equipment Used in Land Mobile Service in the VHF/UHF Frequency Band for Speech and/or Data Communications (Digital).
    • NBTC TS 1001-2561 for Radiocommunication Equipment Used in Land Mobile Service in VHF/UHF Bands for Speech Communications (Analog).

    Main amendments are channel spacing, conducted spurious emissions, frequency deviation, maximum usable sensitivity, and electrical safety requirements. 

    Stated standards define the minimum technical characteristics of radiocommunications equipment for land mobile service in the VHF/UHF bands for data and/or for digitised speech communications in the 30-960 MHz frequency band with channel spacing of 6.25 kHz and/or 12.5 kHz > radiocommunication equipment used for base stations, mobile stations, and hand portable stations.

    Electrical safety requirements for radiocommunication equipment which is used in land mobile service in the VHF/UHF frequency bands for analogue speech communications shall comply with any of the following standards:

    • IEC 60950-1: Information Technology Equipment-Safety-Part 1: General Requirements
    • TIS 1561-2013: Information Technology Equipment-Safety: General Requirements
    • IEC 62368-1: Audio/video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment-Part 1: Safety Requirements

     Type Approval Certificates based on the old standards will remian valid. Import or sell of UHF products using channel spacing 25kHz will not be permitted starting from January 1, 2021 > from 25kHz to 12.5kHz.

    Official documents:



  • NBTC - amendments in TA process for cellular devices

    Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announced amendments in the type approval process for cellular devices.

    The decision is based on the technical standard NBTC TS 1027-2560 for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) using the E-UTRA technology (Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access) which is a technical standard for LTE equipment. 

    Main points: 

    - This requirement is effective upon the verbal announcement

    - LTE LAA/eLAA Band 46 will be opened and the NBTC demands to submit test reports for Band 46 for all WWAN devices.

    - As for test reports, NBTC, by the same token, defined related test standards:

     For LAA Band 46 (receiver only): ETSI TS 136 101 (3GPP TS 36.101) version 13.2.0 or later.

    For eLAA Band 46 (transmitters and receivers): ETSI TS 136 101 (3GPP TS 36.101) version 14.4.0 or later.

    Source: https://www.tele.soumu.go.jp/e/adm/freq/search/share/plan.htm

Product scope


(24GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz, UWB)

(315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz)

Keyless Go
(125kHz, 13,56MHz)

(125kHz, 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz)



(Tank Level, Positions-Radar)

(315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz)


(125kHz, 13,56MHz, 868MHz)

UWB Devices
(24GHz, 60GHz, 79GHz)

Consumer Elektronik


(2,4Ghz, 3GHz, 5GHz, 10GHz)


(868MHz, 2,4GHz)

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