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Bluetooth® Qualification Services

All products that use Bluetooth® must complete the Bluetooth Qualification Process.

Completing the Qualification process allows you to use the Bluetooth Technology, Trademark and Bluetooth Logo.

You are not sure how to comply with the requirements and how to complete the qualification process for your end product, module or Bluetooth stack?

IB-Lenhardt AG newly offers qualification services by our experienced Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC),recognized by the Bluetooth SIG.

Our BQC will guide you from the beginning of your project through the complete process and includes the following services:

  • Consultancy
  • Definition of Qualification and Testing Requirements
  • Project support in Launch Studio
  • Test Plan Generation
  • Test Declaration Upload
  • Compliance Folder Review
  • Declaration Fee payment to the Bluetooth SIG (optional)
  • Design / Product Listing(s)


Bluetooth® Testing Services

Whether you are developing a Bluetooth® product from scratch or you are integrating pre-qualified designs—it may result in different testing requirements, depending on the product types as defined by the Bluetooth SIG.

Our BQC will help you to identify those requirements and IB-Lenhardt AG will take care about the necessary testing services:

  • RF-Tests (BR/EDR)
  • RF-PHY Tests (Bluetooth Low Energy)
       BT5 Features
            LE 2M PHY (2 Mbit Mode)
            LE Coded PHY (Long Range)
            Stable Modulation Index (TX/RX)
  • Protocol Tests (Host-Protocols, e.g. for BlueZ)
       BT classic
             L2CAP, GAP, SDP, RFCOMM, SDP 

                     L2CAP, GAP, GATT, ATT, SM

  • Profile Tests (with PTS)
       BT classic
             HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, OPP, MAP, IOPT, PBAP...etc. 

                     BAS, DIS, HIDS, IAS, FMP, TIP, TPS...etc.


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