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A Step Forwards in Compliance With International Standards

5m Messhalle (Semi-Anechoic-Chamber) für EMV Prüfungen - Photo © Albatross

5 m Messhalle (Semi-Anechoic-Chamber) für EMV Prüfungen - Photo © Albatross

Symbolfoto (C) 2020 IBL-Lab GmbH

Photo © 2020 Rohde und Schwarz

Symbolfoto (C) 2020 IBL-Lab GmbH

Photo © 2020 IBL-Lab GmbH

IBL-Lab GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IB-Lenhardt AG, offers with its testing and laboratory facilities according to IB-Lenhardt's high quality standards and its principal "Right the First Time".

In order to prove radio product compliance with (Radio Equipment Directive RED 2014/53/EU) of the European Union and furthermore for approvals in the U.S.A., Canada and Japan, testing in several areas is required::

  • electrical safety
  • radio
  • electromagnetic compatibility

IBL-Lab GmbH comprises the matching testing laboratories to fulfill these testing services on a international competitive level, professionally sound and under strict attention to legal and normative requirements.

Scope of Accreditation is available at DAkkS: https://www.dakks.de/as/ast/d/D-PL-21375-01-00.pdf

IBL-Lab GmbH DAkks Akkreditierung


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