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Type Approval Specialists

Our team

What defines a company? Its founder? Its business model? Its product? We believe neither one alone. At IB-Lenhardt, we love working hard for you, our customer, and having a good time. Because our office in St. Ingbert is the place we spent most of our work hours, we believe a beautifully harmonizing, interdisciplinary and diverse team is essential for achieving successful results day by day.

  • Management

    • Daniel Lenhardt

      CEO, Owner  
    • Michaela Schilke

    • Christopher Marx

  • Type Approval

    • Rasin Katta

      CCO, CQO  
    • Oliver Kneip

      Senior Project Manager, NB, RCB  
    • Kei Kataoka

      Senior Certification Specialist  
    • Philipp Gräf

      Technical Certification Specialist, NB, RCB  
    • Carsten Steinröder

      Sales Manager, BQC  
    • Johannes Untersteller

      Certification Specialist  
    • Jasmin Groß

      Certification Specialist  
    • Mohamad Alyousfan

      Certification Specialist  
    • Jennifer Bender

      Certification Assistant  
    • Angelina Krauth

      Certification Specialist  
    • Pascale Müller

      Certification Specialist  
    • Keshia Schmidt

      Certification Specialist  
  • Laboratory

    • Dr.-Ing. Harald Ansorge

      Managing Director  
    • Andreas Bender

      Senior Lab Manager Safety  
    • Karsten Geraldy

      Senior Lab Manager Radio  
    • Florian Schmidt

      Senior Lab Manager EMC  
    • Piotr Sardyko

      Lab Manager Radio  
    • Bernhard Hoven

      Lab Manager Safety  
  • Information Systems

    • Joachim Haubrich

      Senior Software Developer  
    • James Barrante

      Software Developer, Systems  
    • Fabian Hewer

      Software Developer  
  • Accounting

    • Jörg Abel

      Accounting Manager  
    • Annabell Schulz

      Accounting Manager  
    • Claudia Abel

      Assistant Accounting  
  • Trainees

    • Dennis Jentes

      Apprentice Software Dev.  
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